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About Allie

Allie Kast has been in the floral industry since doing her own wedding flowers several years ago, and then being asked by friends and family to do weddings. She figured she'd make this into a legitimate business and offer her services to others and Feisty Florals was born. 

She was born in Hawaii and made her way to Texas via California. She and her husband Jordan enjoy spending time with their puppy Monza and their friends and family in their spare time, as well as traveling and being outside. Allie's favorite flower is any type of Protea, but King Proteas holding a special place in her heart.

Dallas Fort Worth Florist is putting together a bridal bouquet
Allie Kast, Dallas Wedding Florist works to answer inquiries and market on social media

The Feisty Process

Our Feisty Bride Guide offers some guidance as to possible structures and items you might consider to help design your wedding. 


How it works is first inquire on our wedding page to see if your date is available. If your date is available, you will receive a Wishlist Questionnaire to help us get an idea of your needs and wants for your wedding. Once that is complete, you will receive a quote for your wishlist, and have the option to schedule a consultation to go over some options. Sometimes we will call you to clarify things so we can get an accurate estimate to you! 

To book, you hold your date with a 25% retainer and finalize your designs about 8 weeks beforehand! This allows you to be flexible in the process, and you are free to shift specific designs, colors, etc! 

If you're unsure of what you'd like, let us know and we'd love to help steer you in the right direction!

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